Power of Group Savings

Focus on Family

Funtastic Pass is a family owned business that was created with hopes of bringing big savings to families, while providing fundraising opportunities to non-profits, school and church groups.

Our mission is to not only help families spend enjoyable time together.  We realized that family days out can be expensive, and we need to help families come together and save.  We needed to bring multitude of options from top attractions, movies, restaurants, services and more so that you can treat your little ones to some unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank.

Bringing Value

The idea started during the Great Recession ... Would you believe that we started during the worst financial crisis of our time!   It’s true.  Way back in 2014. we started out as Hopper's Pass with only Family Fun Centers.  In ‘15, we changed our name to Funtastic Pass for the fun and the fantastic savings the businesses started offering to our members.  We started adding Movie passes, Dining, Shopping and other Amusement parks.   That journey led us now offer a multitude of savings in Entertainment, Recreation, Movies, Dining & Food, Shopping, Automotive, Golf, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Services & more.

We started with physical cards that were mailed to our members.  Now, we have an iPhone and Android app and technology has helped us gather up the savings at a record pace.

As our membership grew, our member savings started getting bigger.  We managed to secure great discounts from many big brands (like Disney, Sea World, Kohl's, JP Penny, AMC, Olive Garden, Denny's, and  many many more as our staff worked tirelessly keeping up the promise of offering best value to our members.   Most importantly, we did not lose focus on local and family-owned small businesses.  The larger the membership became, the more our customers saved money.  The system is working.  That is important, because “Value” is a concept we take very seriously.  And by ‘Value,’ we mean great savings for all our members —  no gimmicks, no special cards to swipe... How do we do it?

  • We keep our costs low — because every penny we save is a penny you save.

It’s not complicated. We just focus on what matters — great vendors + great discounts = Value.